Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hydrated drumroll, please...

Remember The Lotion Situation? The one where I cleaned out and organized our linen closet and realized that I had amassed WILD and DISPROPORTIONATE amounts of lotion, none of which was purchased by me?  I still don't know how that happened.  Was it briefly trendy to give lotion as a gift?

It's been almost two years since I wrote that and I have hit the end.  I have exactly two bottles of lotion left.  One of which was part of a larger Christmas gift given after that post, and one which was recently acquired because I deemed it my favorite of all the lotions and stole a second bottle from my mom (who happens to have a similar situation, lotion-wise).

Of all the many MANY varied lotions in that basket - so many of which were hotel lotions, which is totally baffling because we don't even stay in hotels - I present to you the best and the worst:

The Worst: An allegedly pomegrante holiday lotion (special edition) from Bath & Body Works that smelled so horrendous that I nearly took a second shower after putting in on.  I was so incensed at the nasal assault (Pomegranate Martinis are so good... Shouldn't the lotion be as well?) that I flipped the bottle over to investigate and found all other kinds of bizarre fragrances - pine, musk, etc. 

The bottle went directly into the Goodwill box and won the dubious title of the one and only bottle that was so bad I actually had to give it away.  And that says a lot because my sense of frugality prevented me from giving away any - even the ones that B declared so awful that I wasn't to wear them in his presence. (I thought all of those were fine, just not his taste)

The Best: Goat's Milk & Honey scented lotion from VI Soap.  The "VI" stands for Virgin Islands and is a local product that my mom bought for me while she was on a nursing assignment on the island of St. Thomas.  It's only $10 a bottle and is the perfect consistency - not too oily or thick, but not too runny either.  So perfect!

Now I think it's on to the basket labeled "Small Samples."  If you order from Sephora online, you know exactly how this happened.  Every time you order they send you three small samples, and every time you have enough points you get five small samples.  See?  If I dive in to that project, I'll keep you updated.

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Funnessa said...

Oh! I had to purge lotion and beauty products a few years ago too - it was as though they were breeding in the closet! I am a big fan of Skin Trip. It is light and creamy and smells like coconuts but not suntan lotion coconuts - coconut milk coconuts. Mmmmm.

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