Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Goals - Checking In

At the beginning of the year I made a list of goals so I could have a loose structure for the year and what I wanted to accomplish.  This is how that's going...

Weekly progress towards a creative business
This one has been pretty spastic.  Some weeks I've really killed it and the last two months I've done almost nothing. I'm learning that it's much easier to be creative and task-oriented during the winter months when it's freezing and you have no desire to be anywhere other than your dining room table with your sewing machine.
Daily tidy up
This one is gonna be a life-long struggle, but it's definitely getting better - both with me and with B.
Meal planning
We're usually pretty good here because we have to be.  When we get distracted and don't meal plan, we eat terribly  - and therefore feel terrible - or we order out a lot and the bank account takes a unnecessary hit. The meals are pretty boring now, thanks to the baby and graduate school,  but simple and planned is still healthier than Papa Johns on speed dial.
1 social outing a month 
As I mentioned originally, this one is because I really do enjoy getting together with people, but I get lazy about making it happen.  Also, I made it an additional part of the plan to try to avoid the easy way out and not count family get-togethers, but focus more on finding and gathering with new friends.

January -  Wine & Jewelry party with old high school friend

February - Lunch with sister-in-law & the babies

March - Drinks with two old high school friends

April - Trip to CT to see family friend

May - BBQ with B's friend from work and his family

June - Visit from Feather Nester & my dad (therefore, too many visitors to plan something additional)

As for the Life List, I definitely feel like a big ol' fraud for not crossing anything off yet, but I have decided a few things that will be the first to go.  By September, there should be about 4 items that take a hit.  I'll keep you posted.  In the mean time, I will tell you yet again that I really do love having a list and seeing it every day on my refrigerator.   I promise that you'll love it, so go write one out!


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Strongmama said...

Do you get Real Simple? I've been using the 5 easy dinners for ideas, as well as the page that gives you 10 ways to use X ingredient. They're usually really easy and fairly tasty. I think there's only been one that I didn't like. Also, Bon Appetit did an issue last June of 15 easy and delicious dinners in 30 minutes. With two kids, I definitely need fast, but delicious is always a bonus!

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