Thursday, September 30, 2010

The case for Twitter

So, Twitter.  Let's talk about it. I bet it sounds awful to you for two reasons: First of all, you think you have to write things, and second of all you think it's pointless.  That it encompasses all of the worst things about Facebook: I just ate a sandwich, sandwiches are underrated.... Boy I need some coffee... Headed to the gym.... I'm gonna shoot myself if I have to read one more absurd update about your mundane ass life.

But what you probably don't know is that (according to some random techie article I read) 75% of people on Twitter don't ever write a thing, not one single thing! They just read.funny or helpful stuff that other people write.  You just make it a resource for all of the things you like best in life.  Every favorite hobby, magazine, website, celebrity, etc. And if you follow people like that, it's a great resource for all kinds of articles, links, and info that interest you most.  No talk of any coffee habits anywhere.

Some of the people I follow: Slate magazine (they link great articles all over the internet), philosopher Alain deBotton, Everyday Food magazine, Shit My Dad Says (hysterical quotes a son puts up from his father), plus some design websites, and lots of writers and comedians.

Some of the people you could follow, based on your interests:

Outdoors Man: Orvis Fly Fishing, American Hiking, PBS National Parks
Creative: Craft magazine, DIY network, Design Sponge
News Junkie: BBC breaking news, Huffington Post, MSNBC Politics

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