Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mining History

My husband is an unintentional, but wild, exaggerator. When you're listening to him, to have to cut out at least a third of whatever he's saying and therein lies the truth.  He's not trying to be deceitful, I think he just feels things intensely and it comes out as a disproportionate story.

Three years ago he was driving me to work - we only had one car at the time, so he was dropping me off - and somehow started telling me a story that was SO ridiculous I thought Well, this is it.  My husband has TOTALLY lost his mind.  He's now actually just making shit up. And throughout the entire deranged story I told him so. I said I literally don't believe you right now, you are literally just making this entire thing up.

But he protested, of course, and went on.... No, really!!  There was this GUY and this zoning dispute and he was wronged and he BUILT A TANK. It was, like, totally indestructible.  And there were cameras... And he was locked inside.... and it was CRAZY.  He terrified this whole town.  He built this totally indestructible machine and just, like, ran shit over! And they shot at him and nothing could be done. He couldn't be stopped!!  There's footage of the whole thing, I swear.  I've seen it!!  Go Google it when you get to work, I'm TELLING you!

I can't even imagine what the hell I would have Googled, but it turned out that he was actually right, and not exaggerating at ALL.  There WAS a zoning dispute and a homemade tank and the whole shebang. You should go read about it and watch the footage because you know you're hating the fact that it's Wednesday and there are so many more hours until the weekend.

Marvin Heemeyer Wiki Page

News footage of tank attack


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Megan said...

I knew I read about this before.

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