Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Home Grown Tomatoes: It's Game Time!

We're Wheelin' and Dealin'!
Home Grown Tomatoes is a weekly Vegan/Vegetarian column written by Giovanina Bucci

Put on your game faces my friends, it's Home Grown Tomatoes CONTEST time!  I've included some photos to help make the directions nice and clear...or purely for your entertainment :)

Now listen closely...

The deadline for entry is Friday, October 8, 2010.
Home Grown Tomatoes will be going out with a bang on October 12, 2010 with their last post and the contest winner will be announced! 
What the hell is the contest you ask?

Put your thinking caps on...

With Halloween approaching and pumpkins starting to overflow those bins outside of the grocery stores - Home Grown Tomatoes wants your most favorite, most original, most flavorful, most creative Vegan/Vegetarian pumpkin recipe!  

It can be anything from breads to soups, desserts to something I haven't thought of (even better!).  If you have a picture of both yourself and your pumpkin recipe that would be wonderful (although not required).  The criteria being used to judge your recipe will be based on the following:
Virtual Taste

In other words, we obviously won't be able to taste your treats, so it will be up to you to provide detailed descriptions of the flavors, textures, aromas, AND specific recipes and directions, etc.  Provided the time, I'm hoping to be able to test some, if not all of the recipes out - or maybe I can recruit Scarlet Lily to help me out on this one :)  So don't try and pull our legs!

So when the light bulb goes off...

Please send all entries including recipes and pictures to giovaninabucci@yahoo.com.  Please label the subject line "Pumpkin Recipe Contest".  Also, feel free to send an email beforehand if you have questions about anything!

And what's in it for you?
Well, there are a couple of choices, my friends, because that's just how we roll here at
Home Grown Tomatoes!
You can choose from the following prizes:

1 16x20 painting inspired by any food, garden, or kitchen item of your choice.  I have tons of pictures to choose from or you can send me one of your own or

3 8x10 vegetable paintings based on your choice of veggies or color scheme or

5 framed and matted 8x10 food pictures of your choice selected from my collection of photographs.  (I will send you a link and you can choose whichever ones you'd like - they're great for decorating!)

 And if you win...

I'm hoping you'll give us a big cheer like brother Marco:)

And I also hope that...

You'll celebrate your awesome win with a big glass 'o' somethin':)

And this is my family...

 and we'll be SO freaking excited for you!!!!!!!!!

So get crackin' my friends.  I can't wait to read and see all of your awesome ideas!


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