Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Home Grown Tomatoes: Libations

Cold Cocktails
Home Grown Tomatoes is a weekly Vegan/Vegetarian column written by Giovanina Bucci

The picture above was taken in St. John, US Virgin Islands - and I would do anything to do be there right now.  But instead I'm on school book number two (of three) of the week.  Honestly, I can almost taste the frozen goodness on my lips.  We used to stop at this little outside bar that was located in the center of town after a day of hiking and beaching and enjoy either a pomegranate or passion fruit margarita.  Freaking YUM is all I'm sayin' :)  

In other news, Ma and Pa Booch are officially coming to visit in October!  I couldn't be more excited.  It's so fun to have people come visit your little town because it forces you to go out and do all of those awesome touristy things that you don't normally pay any mind to.  I've raved about their awesome-ness to all of my peeps here in Flag, so there is just general excitement all around for their arrival.  WOOT WOOT.  I feel like introducing your parents to your friends helps make everything come full circle.  Like, "Oh, that's why Giovanina is crazy, or fun, or laid back, or sooo beautiful..."  Joking.  Anyway, I love having something to look forward to!

OK, onto libations.  (Love that word).  I do realize that a post all about booze makes me run the risk of looking like a lush... I'm too busy getting my smart on these days, so the cocktails are few and further between, my friends!  I don't have the exact recipe for the pomegranate margarita I mentioned, but I did find this pretty awesome recipe from the Food and Wine website.  I think the most important component is the fresh pomegranates - which are exquisite for just about anything, not just cocktails.       

I love me some beer, too.  Especially the darker ones.  Below is picture of some beers from Beaver Street Brewery here in Flagstaff.  They have a great food menu and a pretty good (although steep in alcohol content) beer selection.  Pictured here is the Bramble Berry Brew and the R & R Oatmeal Stout - you can read their descriptions here.  They're both delicious, but they're especially tasty when you order the half and half!  I tend to enjoy Porters, Stouts, Nut Browns, Ambers and occasionally some IPA's (although sometimes they're a bit too hoppy for me).  

I think I drank enough Keystone and Budlight in college playing beer pong - that the lighter beers have really lost their appeal for me.  I find that darker beers tend to be a great combination of rich and smooth.  I stumbled upon this here blog with lots of information regarding all different kinds of beers (and desserts), I mean what more does a girl need?!  Dark beers are also awesome to use for battering and frying veggies and tofu!

And finally, onto one my most favorite drinks, because it makes me feel all warm and cozy is Sake.  Trust me, it was not love at first sight, but rather an acquired taste.  I love it served extra, extra hot.  It makes me want to be sitting in front of a fire with some outrageously cozy socks on.  Ah, bliss.  Plain and hot is my most favorite way to enjoy sake, but there are certainly plenty of other ways to have it!  Below is a Saketini from another local restaurant called, Karma.  Unfortunately, they don't have their drink menu listed on their website, but I did find a simple recipe for a Sake Martini at Epicurious.  I've also had this type of mixed sake cocktail with cucumber and ginger and, trust me, it's as refreshing as it looks!

I know that Summer is quickly leaving many of us, but it certainly can be fun to treat yourself to a fancy spritzer if you're out on the town.  Or if you're having a party, to find a really neat and different drink that you can serve - whereby you can make a big batch ahead of time (like Sangria).  Your guests are likely to be pleased with idea of enjoying something a little out of the ordinary!


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Ms. Madore said...

Was the margarita from that place outside the mall you used to work at (Cache?)? I remember amazing frozen margs that your brother and I enjoyed several of while waiting for you to get off work! Lovely blogging sister:) miss you!

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