Thursday, September 23, 2010

Life List #7 - making progress

So #7 on the Life List is to participate in another dance performance. I grew up as a pretty hardcore gymnast and dancer until 6th grade when burn out set in and I stopped everything.  Mistake.

Stopping gymnastics and dance made me forget every creative part of my entire being which had some pretty long-standing consequences.  Like how it made me think my desire to help people meant I wanted to be a doctor and so I was pre-med for three years of college, when I should have been an art major and going abroad instead.  Fail.

Cest la vie - it is what it is.  It's my one regret in life - forgetting all things creative - because it steered me away from what was really me. So I'm trying to learn from that lesson and not make the same mistake again.

When I put that on the list, it seemed like such a pipe dream.  Which is funny because obviously it's not.  But I'm pretty sure I was pregnant when I started the list on my Blackberry that day in the grocery store parking lot while I was in the car waiting for B, and you can understand how pregnancy and dance performances are worlds apart.

So now I'm in a bigger city, not pregnant, and not a new parent, and I found myself a dance class.  Jazz, to be specific. I would have taken a picture last night, but I just looked like I was going to the gym. 

As it turns out, Albany is not really a hotbed of adult dancers - I was the only one in class.  But we still did the class and it was pretty awesome because I bet fancy people pay big bucks to have private lessons.  I mean, the part where you learn the combination and then have to do it ALONE while she watches is a little intimidating, but I got used to it.

Unfortunately the studio requires four people to be in class for it to continue, but I'm not sure how hard core of a rule that is.  And they definitely already cashed my check, so we'll see what happens.  As long as they don't make me perform alone (they do three performances a year), I'm happy to have the private lessons.

In the meantime, I'm very happy to be icing my knee after doing too many turned out, fourth position plies, and feeling like I got a small reminder of something that's only mine and totally amazing.  Let's hope it's allowed to go on...

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