Wednesday, September 15, 2010


New York has decided that September is not the time for a late burst of summer, but rather for an early burst of fall, and I'm caught between mourning and celebrating.  Having a spouse in school (or, I guess, a kid in school, but we don't have one of those) means that fall inspires all the stuff that spring always claims to - cleaning out, cleaning up, etc.

Yesterday I spent the better part of the day attacking the 5 months of mail that had built up on the dining room table. I KNOW!  I know.  That actually isn't like me.  But the dining room in our house is like this little forgotten off-shoot of a room that you can't even see from 95% of the house, so it let everyone live so nicely in denial about what was happening all summer.

But then I realized that stuff like that only happens when you don't have a system.  Everything in the house needs a system, people! We'll talk about that later though. 

Next week I turn 33 and start my dance class all in one day.  And I'm trying to figure out if the 80s rearing their god-awful fashion head, plus the fact that I'll be in an actual dance class, means that I can bring back leg warmers. I just saw them in a catalog yesterday that came in the mail (and then got recycled, not put in the dining room), so I'm wondering if that means I can bring them back. 

B is really excited for all thing leotard and leg warmers, but I think that probably has more to do with some 80s throwback to an Olivia Newton John video, and less to do with fashion trends.  Anyway, I doubt one gal in Albany, NY can really impact the fashion world, but let me just tell you, if I WAS a celebrity, I would go all Lindsay Lohan on you and start my own line of leg warmers and get 20-somethings to wear them in clubs.

Thursday and Friday I have more tips for you gleaned from our many trips this summer, but today I have an awesome video link for you.  And it does happen to be of a preggo, which my last design thing was too, but do not take this as a sign, it's a mere coincidence. Because you know what rocks almost as much as Charlotte does?  Not being pregnant.

Anyway, it's a stop motion video of all the great pictures a husband took of his wife throughout the pregnancy.  And I'm sure for most of you belly shots aren't your thing, but the pictures are so cute and fun and full of life that you should definitely watch anyway.

Pregnancy Video

*website found via Dooce


Kreuzer said...

Girl, I've been rockin the legwarmers for two winters now. Seriously, anyone who thinks just plain old jeans are a formidable barrier between the winter wind and your skin are kidding themselves. Ben's mom gave me a great pair of green and teal llama wool leg warmers last year and I wear them under boots so just the tops stick out as extra warmth and color pops to the ensemb-las, you know.

Anyway, work those leg warmers because seriously, they really do keep your legs warmer.

die Frau said...

Yes, they've already been brought. They're here. I saw a student wearing them last year and I almost laughed. However, I think you could make them work. She was wearing a jean skirt and heels and made me think simultaneously of Flashdance and a ZZ Top video.

Jaynes Ave said...

Leg warmers ARE back! (Queue Flashdance theme song) I've been wearing them for two years and have come across some really cute ones, especially on Etsy. Rock the leg warmers... practical in the cold and pretty. Holla!

And, I am so with you on that pregnancy thing. 2nd time around with a 3 year old? Never, never, never again. People who have 3 kids on purpose are insane! No judgement, though...

Jaynes Ave said...
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