Monday, October 18, 2010


I'm of the general opinion that fall cannot contain too many apples or pumpkins. Recipes, drinks, pictures, decorations, whatever... I'm not picky.  After we got back from a night away in Connecticut to visit some friends, we watched a little football and headed out to the local pumpkin patch so we could buy things made with apples and so Charlotte could feed the goats.

It was a quick trip, and not the official We Are Here To Get Adorable Pictures Of The Child With The Pumpkins trip. But, again, there can never be enough. And what better way to celebrate fall this morning than with a cider donut reheated in the microwave so I can pretend it just came off the conveyor belt?

 This is the child, surrounded by bright pretty pumpkins, obsessively picking up rocks.  No interest whatsoever in anything but the rocks. She would fill her hands and then walk around trying to collect more.  I fear she's going to end up on some geologist version of Hoarders in 20 years.

Notice the hands.

Hands. Still filled with rocks.

This is why it's no surprise that 30 minutes later, after the pumpkins, and the pictures, and the cider donuts, we were in the car driving home and B said "what is that NOISE?!" and it turned out to be our child scraping her teeth on a rock that we didn't know she still had in her hands.

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