Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Homemade Applesauce

There is no easier way to dive into the fall spirit than to make homemade applesauce.  Aside from pasta, it has to literally be the easiest thing you can make. It tastes a thousand times better than jarred applesauce (which I have never once bought) and it will make your home smell magical.

Buy any type of apples you like. I used Macintosh because I like them and that's what the store had that day.

There are two ways to do this:  you can either cut them, cook them, then use a food mill to remove skins, errant seeds, etc. (my way), or you can peel, cut, and de-seed them, cook, and then no food mill is required (also works great).

While cutting, it is highly encouraged to make a cinnamon & sugar mixture to dip the wedges into for an impromptu snack.

Add a little water to the pot and cook away until everything is broken down, maybe 30-45 minutes. Also add cinnamon and/or nutmeg to your taste.

When I use the food mill to break down the apples further and remove the skins, I always do it over a second pot so that if the mixture is too watery I can cook it a little longer.

Depending on how many apples you used, you'll probably have more applesauce than you'll need right away.  Either store some in a plastic container in the freezer for holiday meals, or freeze individual servings in a muffin tin for enjoyment over the coming weeks and months. (Fill and freeze the muffin cups, the run a little hot water over the bottom to loosed the discs, and store in a freezer bag.  Pop into the microwave for a quick snack)

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GIANTS FAN said...

just finished making the same. it was great.

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