Thursday, October 7, 2010


I was listening to an old This American Life on my walk to dance class last night and it was an episode about superheroes.  Ironic, really, since I was like a spastic twitching slinky last night, instead of a dancer, but I digress.

They had a brief segment with John Hodgman who said that when he meets someone he asks them "Flight or Invisibility" and it inspires these intense and passionate discussions. In these discussions, he has learned a few things: The people in the Invisibility camp almost always turn immediately into thieves, the people in the Flight camp avoid all public transportation, and no one offers to fight crime.

Two rules: 

Flight: You fly at 1000mph, and you don't suddenly possess super strength. If you can hold your friend for three hours in your living room, than you can hold them while you fly them across the country, otherwise, you're not a substitute for an airplane.

Invisibility: Whatever you're wearing is invisible, whatever you're holding isn't.

So, which is it? Flight or invisibility?


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Just Another Idealist said...

Flight. All the way.

Wonderland said...

Can I trade for being able to live without needing sleep. I would get so much done!

Leslie said...

I'm going to have to second: FLIGHT.

Strongmama said...

Flight. Did you ever see Hollowman? Horrible film, but he couldn't close his eyes when he became invisible and then he could never sleep. That would suck.

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