Friday, October 22, 2010


Remember, like, a year ago when I mentioned that we had had this crazy summer and now the house was all... shambly? (not technically a word, but it just seems to fit the occasion) Well it wasn't just unwashed floors or unpacked suitcases or remnants of long ago craft projects that littered the house, there was a lot of underlying organization that needed to happen, even more boxes to go to Goodwill, etc.

This week the contents of the nursery got put into our bedroom so we could steam clean the rug, and then the bedroom returned the favor by pouring all of it's contents into the nursery so the new bed frame could be delivered.

So Wednesday I needed to put all of the various contents back where they belonged, as well as transfer clothes to the new bed drawers, reorganize the closet, put away the clean laundry, etc.

B: Are you going to work on the bedroom today?
Me: Well, I'm gonna try, but it's hard because I can only work during her nap time.
B: No, just put the gate across the hall, make sure there's nothing she can get it to, and just let her wander between the two rooms.
Me: Hmmm.... seems easier said than done, but I guess I'll try.

So I used the suitcases to block her from opening various drawers and cabinets, put all the folded clothes out of reach, pulled out toys for her to play with, etc.  But in the end, she's a toddler.  So I DID get work done, but not without some serious tangents and one fit of hysterical laughter.

 This is her carrying around garbage.  She took the green basket that I emptied, took various pieces of paper out of the garbage, and proceeded to carry it around.

This is what happens when it's quiet for too long. The silence tipped me off and I wandered into the nursery to find that she had squeezed herself between the rocker and the crib, climbed INTO the little table that is actually a wine rack, and was laying down on the shelf desperately trying to reach the cd player.

How ridiculous is this?!
Ok, ok, so she wanted to listen to music, fine. So I take the cd player, plug it in, and let her push the button.  Then I put it on it's side on the glider, cover it with the body pillow so she can't reach it, and she immediately loses interest and walks away.  So I go into the bedroom and resume.

THEN I heard the song change.


And I walk in to find THIS:


Leslie said...

Wow. he's like a tiny Indiana Jones.

Just Another Idealist said...

I like how she faked you out that she wasn't interested in the CD player anymore. Watch out for this one ;-)

giants fan said...

that's my grandaughter,s she has my spirit of adventure :):)

die Frau said...

I love the look on her face, kind of an "Yeah, I'm caught, but I'm CUTE, so I'll get away with it."

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