Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fun way to announce a pregnancy

WHOA THERE! Not mine. Exhale.

B's lovely sister and her husband announced this week that they're pregnant with their second baby and due at the end of April.  (I won't give the exact date to avoid the inevitable paparazzi onslaught that would surely ensue.)

One of the really fun parts about a new pregnancy is getting to announce it to your family and friends. There's a whole host of ways to do this and since my sister-in-law came up with a great one, I wanted to share her creativity so you can steal the idea if you'd like.

She invited all of the women in her family over to her house for a dinner party (about 9 people). Although not typical, this wasn't suspicious because we've all been trying to make a better effort to get together regularly.  Two of her cousins live in New York City and couldn't make it, but their absence was a great way for the plan to be caught on video.

When everyone arrived I told them that I would be taking video throughout the night to send to the two cousins so they wouldn't feel left out of our fun night together.  Also, my sister-in-law told everyone that after dinner we were going to play a little game where you had to write down one thing most people probably wouldn't know about you (something you've done, some place you've always wanted to travel, etc), and then we would guess which clue belonged to which person.

After dinner all of the clues were in a bowl and we started the game.  A little luck came in to play here because ideally you don't want the pregnancy announcement to be the first one picked, but it's really not a big deal if it is.

We got about three or four clues into the game before the big reveal was chosen, which was great. And when her aunt chose the card that said "Megan is 12 weeks pregnant" it was quite a surprise for everyone.  Here's a quick clip of the announcement:

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