Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Design Love: DIY

As a general trend, I start thinking about the holidays in September - gathering ideas, writing them down, possibly buying an item here or there. In addition to Christmas, I have three family/friend birthdays within days of Christmas, plus many many more if you expand the circle to a month before and after Christmas. 

I also have a husband who is impossible to buy for and has a birthday five days before Christmas, so I have to think of double the present ideas for him for every person in our lives. So that means I send out emails to my brother, my mother, my father, and his various family members, all with different ideas.  I told him that I had given away every good present idea I had for him to everyone else this year and as a result he's getting hand-drawn coupons for hugs from me.  And maybe some bird seed for his feeder.

So all that is to tell you that now that Halloween is over and I thankfully have no Thanksgiving responsibilities - a trend that I will fight to my death to continue - I've kicked into high gear in terms of the Christmas/birthday season. I always like to do at least a teeny tiny something that's homemade - something about this season makes me want to take multiple trips to Jo Ann's - but nothing so elaborate as to cause stress.

Charlotte is still young enough whereby she's not in any kind of preschool yet, and B spends many of his nights and at least half of every weekend on school-based stuff, so my time for doing anything creative is extremely limited. Therefore, anything I make this year will be exceedingly simple, but even the simple DIY presents are so satisfying and a nice little slap in the face of the icky consumerism of our culture, that they make me very happy.

I took a trip over to the DIY section of Design Sponge, which is a gold mine for modern crafty stuff, to get you some ideas and inspiration for holiday crafty projects:

Twinkle Board
Faux Shell Chandelier

Fashion Ornaments
Fire Starters

Vintage Dog Feeder
Market Tote

Pendant Lamps

Ruffle Wreath

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