Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Too cold to leave

The world is working overtime to hermitize me this week. (Invented word: forcing me to be a hermit). We'll start with the fact that it's the perfectly gross combination of freezing, windy, and slushy. I learned the downfalls of "slushy" yesterday when we went to the library to pick up a DVD (Happiest Toddler on the Block - the baby version of this book is genius, so I have high hopes for the toddler version) and I went to put said toddler into her rear-facing car seat and her wee little Ugg rip-offs covered the back of the seat in black slush.

The coats, the toddler dragging, the wind, the slush, it was all enough for me to call off any future notions of leaving the house. Thankfully the plumbing stepped in and allowed that dream to become a reality. We haven't had functioning sinks or a dishwasher for a few days and the plumber swears he's coming this morning. He'd better - I don't ever have a bra on this early in the day and I don't want all that effort to be wasted.

In the meantime, I have to direct you over to Design Mom and her rockin' sibling gifts.  She has six kids and, as the title might suggest, a penchant for design, so she has her kids make each other their gifts for Christmas. And these are no macaroni necklaces, these are great projects, very cheap and easy, with beautiful results. You could absolutely do these as an adult. She hasn't posted all of them yet, but my two favorites are the bleached out t-shirts and the monogrammed hot chocolate mugs. Enjoy!


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Strongmama said...

for the back of your seats-- jolly jumper seat back protector. That's not the actual name, but it is made by jolly jumper and they come in a pack of two. Kid can kick on the back of the seat all she wants and you don't get a ruined seat!

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