Thursday, December 16, 2010

Why all the guns?

Yesterday my pregnant sister-in-law (one of SEVEN pregnant women I currently know) sent me a link on awkward pregnancy photos. And I usually don't post things that are on Facebook or in email forwards, but I can NOT help myself on this one.  I also have absolutely nothing to add because the pictures and accompanying captions from the original blog post will more than speak for themselves...

  "It's going to be a good year, Laura. A very Goodyear, indeed."

A fertile man that provides for his family, what more could you want?

I love how she's looking at him tenderly while stealing his gun. There simply aren't enough pregnancy/gun photos.

No. I'm just going to go with a solid no on this one.

"My wife said she wanted curly fries"


At first I thought "Nothing symbolizes maternity better than a watermelon and a gun" and then I thought "Actually, nothing DOES symbolize maternity better than a watermelon and a gun."  Bravo Mad'am.


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