Monday, January 31, 2011

All things pretty

Two weekends ago was the design and blogging conference Alt Summit, with which I am obsessed and dying to attend, so I've had designy things on the brain lately. It's in Park City, Utah and ends the very day that the Sundance Film Festival begins, so if you extend your stay, you get two killer events for one plane ticket.  My plan is to make every effort to attend in January 2013, so let me know if you want to come.

Also, I was asked by a local events company to act as the photographer for an upcoming event they're throwing, so I need to come up with an awesome business card. I was thinking the tag line could be along the lines of "Willing and excited to help you out in any of the following categories: cake, photography, crafts, parties, etc. Not expert in any of the aforementioned areas, but probably good enough to be passable." Yeah?

Here are some of the random design things I've been loving the last few days:

 Ruche. Whoa. There's almost nothing on this vintage-inspired clothing site that I'm not in love with.

 My good friend Ouiser threw a 4th birthday party for her daughter and I love the monochromatic, simple, yet elegant, mantle and table she set up. Those flags that I thought were sewn out of fabric? Upon closer inspection I'm pretty sure they're her daughter's paintings that she cut up and used for the banner. So lovely.

These business cards were homemade by Liz Stanley of the blog say YES! to hoboken before she attended Alt Summit last year. I think cards with a lot of negative space stand out much more, plus the color combination is striking.

* Here is a Flickr collection of the most creative business cards you'll ever see.

* Here is one blogger's collection of her favorite business cards from Alt Summit

* Here is another blogger's collection of favorite business cards from Alt Summit, as well as her tips on making your own cards stand out.

* Here are the top 50 Design Blogs for Moms, via Babble



feather nester said...

Good eye. ;) They are, in fact, the paintings of not one, but THREE preschoolers, as well as a little filler done by Ouiser herself, that she cut up to make the bunting. It was as adorable in r/l as it looks in the picture.

Megan said...

I want to come! Let me know if you need help with your business cards.

Leslie said...

I would also like to attend. And! I know this isn't a big thing for ladies who are already married, but Anthropologie is coming out with a line of wedding dresses. I almost fainted.

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