Wednesday, February 2, 2011


The little lady and I had A DAY yesterday. The kind that began at 4:30am, was composed of no naps, hundreds of tantrums, lots of bad behavior, endless whining, and essentially culminated in me screaming some not very kind things at her and then kicking a whole bunch of doors. No human should have to endure THIRTEEN AND A HALF hours of that kind of behavior while simultaneously being trapped in the house due to the snow storm. No one ever tells you about THOSE days when the little stick turns pink.


Nothing got done, unless we're counting the total annihilation of my sanity, so I'm going to leave you with you some articles that I've bookmarked to read, but haven't actually read yet. You can let me know how they are.

* Aging Is / Aging Isn't

* Cinderella Ate My Daughter

* 26 Cheap Dates for You & Your Spouse

* Ira Glass on the Art of Storytelling (video)



Strongmama said...

been there. hang in. can't say it will get better soon, but someday it will get better. One suggestion is not to go get her at 4:30 am so that you aren't resentful about the fact you are up that early. just because she's up then doesn't mean you have to be.

Jet Harrington said...

that's a rough day. time to be kind to yourself - this is not going to be the time to have a to-do list and really expect to make traction on it. when my daughter was that age, water always worked - bath (even though she would protest furiously at interrupting whatever she was doing to get into the bath, and then protest equally furiously at having to get out of it later), splashing containers of water into each other in the sink, blowing bubbles, finger-painting, a tea party with me and/or her stuffed animals - not sure how much of this applies, because I don't know the age of your little one(s); when all else failed, I would run a big bubble bath and get in with her - it soothed both of us.

spring is coming.

Jet Harrington said...

Also, I don't know about the others, but the Ira Glass videos are definitely worth your time. They will feed your very soul.

Scarlet Lily said...

Thanks, ladies! Just knowing other people have been there is extremely helpful. The roads are finally drivable again today so we're getting out of the house!

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