Friday, February 4, 2011

Georgia Bound

Early tomorrow morning the lovely husband and I are off to spend six days in Atlanta and Savannah. We made the mistake of not planning a winter getaway trip last year and it was BAD for the husband's sanity. BAD, BAD, BAD. So we smartened up this year and are headed to the great state of Georgia.

Sounds so random, no? The thing is, I've traveled cross-country twice and have been to almost every destination spot that people go to, but I have never been to Atlanta and Savannah. Plus, they fit the "warm" criteria. I mean, not bathing suit warm, but with three feet of snow in our yard, our expectations for weather are shockingly low right now. Really anywhere we don't have to bring our down jackets basically qualifies as a good vacation spot.

The other thing I wanted in a trip was some kind of adventure. It's something I miss dearly about traveling around Europe - the overwhelming lack of planning. You don't get that with regular vacations typically, but then you also don't get the beauty of discovery and serendipity. I've done no research on our destinations. Almost literally none.

I booked the first beautiful Savannah inn I found and later today I have to book a car rental. Seat of our pants, people! JT brought Sexy back and we're bringing Adventure back. Life in general is awfully planned, and life with a child is even more so, and I'm feeling a little suffocated by the lack of surprise and delight. But nothing cures that better than travel.

Giovanina Bucci, author of the Home Grown Tomatoes food column on here, is going to do some guest posts next week on crafts, parties, and food. And on the days she doesn't post, I'll be sure to mobile blog some photos for you.

In the meantime, I'm going to start practicing the phrases "got my picture made" and "fixin to go to the store" so I'll fit in with the locals.

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Ouiser said...

you suck...fitting in with the locals :)

don't forget to pack cardigans and handbags. southern ladies love handbags.

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