Thursday, February 3, 2011

Resolution progress thanks to an insubordinate child

As you can see from yesterday's post, life has me a little bit beaten this week. It's ok though, sometimes that happens. I mean, the fact that it was a full trifecta with the child, the weather, and the cleanliness of the house all kicking my ass at once doesn't seem necessary, but today I'm in surprisingly good spirits about it. Two thoughts on that....

One - OBVIOUSLY the child was behaving poorly out of her undying love for me. B and I are going on vacation for a week (details tomorrow) and she wanted me to really enjoy myself and not spend ALL of my time missing her. It was a selfless but loving act on her part. Well played, Charlotte.

Two - My big 2011 resolution where I'm not allowed to say unkind things to myself? People! It's totally working! I'm not good with authority, but apparently I can happily bow to a resolution. (Maybe because I'm the one who made it, but still, it's impressive)

Because obviously you think horrible things about yourself when you scream like a movie villain at your 18 month old daughter - especially when you're not prone to screaming and anger. And when you look around and it's really not even worth making a list of what needs to be done or cleaned because, in fact, your ENTIRE HOUSE would be on the list.

But honestly, every time this week I started to feel horrible, I stopped. I just kind of said "Nope. That's not productive. Good things can't come from bad things." And I was done. And even on good weeks, this ONE resolution is changing my life. In both the quietest and most revolutionary way possible.

I really want you to do one. Just one. Just one mantra that you can come back to. And not something that you have to "do." Something simple and awesome that you want to embody. Get back to me on that.


Miranda Chop said...

I absolutely love mantras and use them for everything from building super awesome ab muscles to self-confidence. :) Love your blog, thanks for sharing yourself with the world. Miranda

Scarlet Lily said...

Thanks, Miranda. It's nice to have a new voice on the blog! I'm definitely having some motivation issues with ab muscles, so I'll have to try the mantra route!

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