Thursday, March 17, 2011

Free Flights

Remember when I told you that we were able to fly to Atlanta on the cheap because we got a free plane ticket through a Kodak Gallery promotion? According to the ads I've been seeing, they're running the promotion again, so I wanted to let you know what to do.

When I contacted Kodak Gallery several months ago to ask questions about the promotion, they really didn't know anything about it because it's a deal run through an outside company, so you won't get very far with their customer service. Luckily I've already done it myself and had a totally successful free flight that wasn't a scam, so rest easy.

In order to get the deal you have to actually click on the ad. If you visit Kodak Gallery a few times, the cookies on your computer should cue up the ads, either in your email or right within Kodak Gallery. Once you click on the ad it will take you to the website where you'll sign in. You don't have to make a purchase yet, but the promotion will be saved to your account.

Make a purchase of $50 or more and checkout.

When you're given a total, there is a link near the total that says "total savings" or "see additional deals" - something to that effect. It should bring up a check list of the promotions that they're running at the moment and the free flight will be one of them. Click the free flight box and checkout.

You won't see anything at checkout that mentions the flight again. About a week later you'll get an email from the promotions company with your login and password information. Whatever name you register under must be one of the people taking the flight. However, if you register under a family member's name, you can also use the flight for other people.

Once you're logged in you can see all of the prices, airports, available dates, etc.  When I bought our flights, the few seats they reserve for the free tickets were used up for our town and we had to drive two hours to another airport. But this might be less of a problem at bigger airports. Even so, you would know this before buying your flight anyway.

And that was it. I bought the two tickets (one full price, one free), took the flight, and all was well.


Another promotion that I was emailed about is through Jet Blue. It's a great deal and I would definitely sign up if Jet Blue flew out of Albany, but unfortunately they don't. You can get TWO free Jet Blue tickets, good for anywhere with no blackout dates, by signing up for the Jet Blue credit card and making a $300 purchase within the first few months. But remember, you don't have to spend $300 you wouldn't have, all you'd have to do is put your groceries on the card and pay it off at the end of the month.

There is a $40 annual fee, but of course you could cancel the card after your flight and you still just received two flights for $40.

Happy Flying!

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Strongmama said...

southwest also has a similar deal if you sign up for their credit card. I think they fly out of Albany (and to Austin :)

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