Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I see land

Please ignore the impossibly hip child for a moment and gaze over her shoulder at those planks of wood and that fuzzy green-ish circle behind her. THE SNOW IS MELTING, PEOPLE!! To give you an idea of the winter we've had here, that huge wagon stayed outside all winter and couldn't be SEEN until about three days ago, I shit you not.

But just when the stores were selling out of Vitamin D thanks to all the frantic supplementing going on, we got a wee bit of melt and a wee bit of sunshine. We celebrated with a walk (meaning: the sidewalks were clear enough to get a stroller on them!) and some outdoor time.

Nevermind that her clothes were covered in mud or that I had to drag her away from the mound of bunny poop that had frozen on top of the snow, we were OUT. I'm feeling slightly hopeful about the world again.

To celebrate, I'm headed over to a massive consignment sale that they have here twice a year to buy some outside stuff since that wagon and the rotting tree stump behind it are pretty much all we have. And the only reason we have the wagon is because Feather Nester's mom is a garage sale wiz.

Do you know about these sales? Every semi-large town has them and they're gold mines for kid stuff. Clothes, toys, new, used, etc. I try to get any toys or gear at the sales so that I can save stuff you can't get on sale for birthdays and Christmas - music classes, swim classes, indoor play gym memberships, etc.

Hope your own town is giving you the same glimmers of Springtime hope that we're getting. And if you've been getting them for a while, well then feel free not to comment.

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