Monday, March 14, 2011

Photo Speech Bubbles

B's sister turned 30 a few weeks ago and since she's about 8 months pregnant the celebration was less of a kegger and more of a great dinner with friends. Because she couldn't celebrate in the drunken style a new decade deserves, I wanted to add something a little fun to our dinner to spice up the pictures. I saw a tutorial on Oh Happy Day a while back on making chalkboard speech bubble signs, which gave me the idea, but I just used black foam core board, acrylic paint, black duct tape, and dowels (all from Michael's) and put together 8 signs for about $20.

It was the perfect party project - low impact on your time and high impact on your pictures. I get horribly bored with seeing the same pictures all the time so I'm always looking for something fun to do and this was great. I have one blank sign left over so I might use it for Charlotte's 2nd birthday this summer.

The signs said:
(Picture of a heart)
It's a Girl!
It's a Boy!
I'm older
I'm younger
I might be drunk
R U Looking @ my ASS?
(Abbreviated not to be trendy but because all those words wouldn't fit on the sign)

Birthday gal

 B and I are divided on whether we're getting a niece or a nephew.

Cousin pic


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Ms. Madore said...

What a fabulous idea! Ooooh, you're so good:)

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