Monday, April 18, 2011

Cans & Eggs

It was a low key but lovely weekend around here. Our plans for Margaritas and Mexican got nixed when I came down with a bizarre stomach bug on Saturday night (SO sad), but Friday at the museum and Sunday at Nana and Papa's house still provided plenty of excitement. Well... in that way where your definition of "excitement" changes in a post-kid universe. 

Here's the Canstruction exhibit I had mentioned on Friday. It's a collaboration between the museum, the local food pantries and local architects. Ten groups of local architects raise the money to purchase their cans (around 3500 per sculpture), build their piece in one day, and then all of the cans get donated to local pantries in two weeks. Additionally, each visitor is asked to bring in a can of food and vote for their favorite display by putting their can into bins.

 Here's B with the Rock 'em Sock 'em robots.

 See how I'm in focus and she's blurry with one foot off the ground? The picture is an accurate portrayal of our days together.

 In front of the Angry Birds sculpture

 Charlotte casts her vote for the "tweet tweets"

Unlike every other time on the carousel where she dove off the minute it started to move, she had a passionate change of heart this time as you can see by the explosive smile on her face.

 The happy chaos of dying eggs with toddlers


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