Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Reading Group

Alas, we've come to another Friday, horray! In case you don't know, Fridays are just as exciting to stay at home moms as they are to working moms. I have help with childcare! I have someone to talk to! I have an excuse to eat bacon tomorrow morning!

This morning we're headed to the State Museum to see the unbelievably cool exhibit/art installation/fundraiser Canstruction. It's only in town for less than two weeks and this is the only time we'll be able to go all together, so I did a little extra cleaning and bath-giving last night to help get us out of the house a little faster. B loved his bath, but he cried a little when the soap got in his eyes.

This weekend continues what I'm calling our Four Weekends of Awesome. Last weekend - NYC, This weekend - Mexican food with friends, Next weekend - Easter Bunny, Last weekend in April - Wonderful friend comes to visit. Hu-Ah! And somewhere in all that Charlotte will be getting another little cousin! April 2011 is epic.

I have so many links on my list this week that I'm only giving you half of them so as not to blow your mind. It is Friday after all. I hope your weekend plans are just as exciting, relaxing, or inspiring as you'd like them to be.

  • I don't really care about baseball, especially now that Andy Pettitte is gone, but this video about the Yankees / Red Sox rivalry with Alec Baldwin & John Krasinski is awesome.
  • This is one of those things that would have never occurred to me to put on my Life List because it just sounds so expensive and exotic. Thank god I've been shown the light. Thanks, Jordan!
  • A slightly horrifying but important article about how advertisers sell to women: "create body anxieties women didn't know they had, then sell them the solution"
  • I'm not usually one for animal videos on You Tube, but COME ON!
  • I had no idea Republicans from Wyoming could be so logical. Well done.

Friday Reading Group is a weekly series where I help you procrastinate by offering various links around the web. Help support the cause - email any good articles, pictures, or videos you find to sanders492[at]yahoo[dot]com with Friday Reading Group in the subject line.

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