Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Reading Group

It's Friday, the weather has been amazing since Wednesday, and the hubby and I are popping down to NYC this weekend for a quick bit of fun with some friends. Life is good. It takes quite a man to arrange a surprise trip to spend the weekend with three women, all of whom are prone to squealing once they get together. Don't feel too sorry for him though, he's gonna feel like Hef all weekend.

The winter was too damn long and we ended it with a particularly brutal month of B's school and work schedule, so no one is happier to see April than we are. And I'm extra happy because I took a year and a half's worth of spare change to the bank today (they only charge 4% as opposed to Coin Star's 9%) and walked away with a sweet fist of $150 to help fund our weekend. Holla!

Enjoy your links and enjoy your weekend! Meet you back here on Monday...

  • Read about one mom's account of school in France. Sounds far superior if you ask me.

Friday Reading Group is a weekly series where I help you procrastinate by offering various links around the web. Help support the cause - email any good articles, pictures, or videos you find to sanders492[at]yahoo[dot]com with Friday Reading Group in the subject line.

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