Monday, April 11, 2011

Williamsburg, Brooklyn: A Love Affair

March was a really rough month in the Scarlet Lily household. B had an extra graduate class on top of the two he's already taking, he went through a major job transition whereby he was doing the work of the new job AND the old job (all that just ended Thursday), and it was the last month of an exceptionally long winter.

To help with the difficulties, B went behind my back and planned a weekend in NYC with two of our favorite people. And in the perfect Rom-Com moment, he even surprised me with the pre-planned trip after I had had a particularly rough day. It was the most unexpected and wonderful surprise a girl could ask for.

So we spent this weekend in Williamsburg, Brooklyn which is my new favorite spot. It's artsy, hip, walkable, fun, has amazing food, and is smaller and less frenetic than Manhattan. As always, there is nothing I love more than feeling like my world view has been expanded a little... new fashions, new ideas, new conversations, etc. and this weekend was perfect for that. Here are a few of the places we visited:

  • Dinner at Fiore
  • Drinks at BarBerry
  • Sampled (and purchased) gourmet chocolate at Mast Brothers Chocolate
  • Brunch at Sweetwater
  • Saw Neil Patrick Harris run by us and hop into his Maserati on Metropolitan St. (can't give you a link for that one!)

We also ended the weekend with our first IKEA experience to get Charlotte a table and chairs for eating and playing. It's already making our day much easier!

One of the awesome girls we visited is a trapeze artist (no, really) and was just featured in this unbelievable commercial for her employer, Trapeze School New York. If this doesn't inspire you to step outside your comfort zone, nothing will.


Leslie said...

Dude! I went the Boston branch of the Trapeze School New York, and though I didn't do everything that chick did, I did flip backwards off the swing into someone else's arms. The hardest part is jumping off the deck into the air - every time. I HIGHLY recommend the experience!

Scarlet Lily said...

You're far braver than I am! I'm pretty sure there's no way I could jump off that platform without some serious Xanax in my system!

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