Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Yearly Family Album

Some time last year B commented that he really didn't like the fact that digital pictures have essentially eliminated photo albums. He wanted to have a bookshelf with all of our pictures from over the years that our kids and guests could flip through. Not have them all huddle around a computer while we say "oh we went on this trip 20 years ago, let me pull up the folder, hold on..."

It wasn't long after that that I learned that both Ouiser and Feather Nester make annual albums. Ouiser's is a family album and Feather Nester's is for her daughter, whose birthday is near the end of the year.

So I set out with vigor last November and made the whole yearly album and thought it was going to be the best Christmas present B has ever received and nearly ordered it before I realized that the month of December hadn't happened yet. Oops. OK, so the album can't be a Christmas present, but I made it anyway as a family memento.

It was a really interesting process for two reasons. First of all, it finally gave me a good system for organizing our photos. Now I do it chronologically. There's a folder labeled "2010" and within that folder are 12 additional folders for each month. SO simple. Also very easy for album making.

The second benefit was that it made me realize that we had a really great year and had a lot more adventures and trips and memories than I think I realized. It was so wonderful to flip through the finished product.

The album ended up being about 90 pages long and I waited until I had a 20% coupon plus free shipping at Kodak Gallery and saved over $30 on the order. Again, if you haven't received any coupons, add the finished product to your cart and let it sit there for a while, they'll email you coupons to encourage you to finish the order.

Here are a few of the pages. Apologies for the poor picture quality, I had to scan them and the book didn't lay quite flat enough for perfect quality.

This is the first page - the cover is a blue linen with a cut out square so you can see part of this picture.

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