Monday, May 9, 2011

The best day of the year

I legitimately had one of the most happy and lovely days of my life yesterday, all thanks to my wonderful and devoted husband. So relaxing and just... happy! I got to stay in bed alone from 6:30am (when Charlotte wakes up) until 11:00am. All the while I was brought coffee, got to listen to B go WAY out of his food comfort zone and bake, open presents, take a 20 min post-present nap, and then finally wander downstairs.

Of course in true mom fashion, it was really hard to actually stay up there. The innate sense of obligation and helpfulness kicked in about a quarter of the way through and B had to ask me if I REALLY wanted to be out of bed on the ONE DAY A YEAR when I don't have to be. Point taken, bring me coffee then. I can't be up there without coffee.

After a few hours of wrangling Charlotte while also making a breakfast he had never made before, I was presented with this...

Flowers, cards, presents, and my insanely delicious, better-than-a-restaurant breakfast of: Belgian waffles from scratch ("honey, I even had to separate eggs and whip them and FOLD THEM BACK IN!"), homemade almond whipped cream, candied berries, and crumbled pralines, with a side of turkey sausage.

After I wandered downstairs at 11am, B went to the driving range while Charlotte and I played outside in the amazing 70 degree temps. Then it was off to the Tulip Festival for some more outdoor relaxing... and fried dough.

The key to getting any toddler to stay in one place is to make them sit down and then offer them junk.

* The individual cakes are what I made for our Saturday Mother's Day celebration with B's mom. I got the basic recipe here and then made them in ramekins instead of a mini-muffin tin. The flavor was good, but I over-cooked them a little so they were denser than I would have liked. I served them with an optional side of raspberry sauce.


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