Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The best decision we've ever made... excluding Charlotte

Up until last fall B and I were sleeping on the same full size bed I had from high school. The mattress got a very bargain basement upgrade when my mom tried to drive the original mattress down to me about five years ago and got caught in a torrential storm that ripped the "protective cover" to shreds and soaked the mattress.

Full size. Do you KNOW how small that is? Even for two skinny people? Not to mention a few cats and a toddler. But an upgrade wasn't a priority, so we kept on with our doll-sized bed. But then B started having horrible back pain every morning. I told him it was just him being out of shape and being a bad sleeper and it wasn't the mattress. Until we went to a wedding and spent the night in a hotel and he woke up with zero back pain. Hmmm....

I still made him try one more week on the bed just to be SURE and then we went bed shopping. My reluctance to upgrade was due to the fact that we're both of the "do it once and do it right" philosophy. Especially when it comes to beds.

The way I see it, no piece of furniture in your house is more important than your bed. You spend half of your life in your bed, you relax in bed, your kids and pets cuddle up with you on Saturday mornings in bed, you can have some quiet time to talk with your spouse in bed. Nothing is more important in your house than your bed.

So we went ALL OUT. When I called my brother and told him we went "top of the line" he started laughing his ass off because he knows what a frugal cat his sister is and that she has literally never uttered that phrase once in her life.

We went king size, with a top of the line mattress, and a beautiful bed frame with two drawers in the footboard. Hands down, the best $3k we've ever spent in our lives. It's been about seven months and at least once a week we turn to each other and comment about what a good decision it was.

And when Charlotte gets sick and wants to sleep in our bed? There's plenty of room for her to snuggle in and still have the cats at our feet and have everyone get a good night's sleep.

So if you ever find yourself needing a new bed and if you have kids or pets in your lives I highly advise you to go big or go home.

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