Monday, May 23, 2011

Day Trippin: Saugerties, NY

We took the family day trippin on Saturday. There are tons of small towns between here and NYC that are great for walking around, grabbing lunch, and seeing some new things. This time we went to Saugerties, but Hudson and Woodstock are on the list for the near future. We found a great children's consignment shop where we got a few summer items for Lady C, an unbelievable antiques store that was what I always think antique stores are going to be but never are, a beautiful boutique where I couldn't afford a single thing, and finally a hike out to the lighthouse.

The walk to the lighthouse was Charlotte's first hike, which is pretty much the most adorable milestone ever. We had no idea that it was going to be such rough, muddy terrain and had her in the exact opposite shoes that she should have been in, but she had a blast anyway.

The town has a farmer's market in the summer with live music and kid's activities, so I think we're going to go back down some Saturday morning to hit up the farmer's market and go on another hike.

Day trips are our new favorite thing to do but I feel like I rarely hear about people doing them. What are your thoughts... do you day trip with the family? Or is it one of those things that just never occurs to you? I'm starting to think it's the perfect travel solution for people with young families. You get to see and experience new things without getting on an airplane. Also let me know if you know of any good little towns in western Massachusetts, southern Vermont, or western Connecticut that aren't too far from Albany, NY


GIANTS FAN said...

great pictures, I want to go. Question is how do you go about finding these spots ?

die Frau said...

When I do have the time to day trip (and that's mainly summer), I know I'll do it with Little Man. We have tons of places around here like Zoar Valley and Chatauqua and Letchworth State Park (gorgeous in the fall!).

I was just thinking we need to do more stuff like that. We also have the Genesee Country Museum, one of those re-enacted, old-style towns where you learn about life in the 1700s and get to play with all the toys, if you're a kid.

Strongmama said...

I love Charlotte's hat and her muddy feet.

Sarah Von said...

Ahhh! That floppy, stripey orange hat slaaaaays me! Too cute.

Sarah Berry said...

I know, isn't the hat the best?! We got it that day at the consignment shop.

And for a funny twist to our adventures that day - when we went into the fancy clothing boutique, the owner saw the hat and said that she used to sell them but didn't want to anymore and therefore gave them all to the kid's shop to sell. Sooo, new fancy hat for $5!

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