Monday, October 10, 2011


Yesterday Charlotte went to her first non-family birthday party so she was looking extra cute and put-together and not her usual homeless-chic self. Thanks to the bizarre October weather around here she even got to wear a skirt and put on sunscreen. (Her pregnant mother is FAR less enamored with the late summer weather)

After a big day she came home and had an extremely unusual moment of reflection. She walked over to the steps that lead upstairs, sat down and said nothing. She was there for a little while so I went and sat on a lower step:

Charlotte - Happy

Me - Charlotte's happy?

Charlotte - yeah

Me - Awww, I'm glad honey (big smile)

Charlotte - (leaps off of step and gives me bear hug) Mommy happy too!!!

Me - Yes honey, Charlotte makes mommy very happy!

1 comment:

Ouiser said...

oh, i love her so.

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