Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Do the old marrieds make out?!

Apparently some of you do! After a funny conversation with a fellow Old Married about this topic, I ran a poll last week to see what was going on in the world of The Make Out. We were both hoping that we weren't the ONLY couple to/to not make out, and as you can see we can both relax.

38% of you said that, yes, you and your long time mate are fans of the random, pants-on, make out session. Here's what that camp had to say:

"We don't really sit down and make time for it, it kind of just happens sometimes...
like if we're passing each other in the house"

"Making out is also great because you get to feel like you're 15, instead of feeling like
you're a thousand because you actually eat wheat germ and go to bed at 8pm"

The other 62% of you said, no, The Make Out is only done as part of something more - ahem - involved. Here's what that camp had to say:

"Um, no... who has the time?!?!"

"That sounds crazy! (but nice)"

"No, but I'd like to. I think it would be a nice reminder of what started us
on the whole married path"

"I never thought about making out like a bunch of virgin teenagers in my
long term, committed relationship... we should try it!"

The whole survey has been so fascinating though because I'm sure everyone just assumed (as my friend and I did) that whatever you do in your own house is what other people are doing in theirs. It's been making me wonder what other innocuous things we're doing differently from one another - things where there's no right or wrong, just different, that we've never thought about before.

If you've run across any little nuances in your conversations over the years, let me know in the comments, I think it would be so interesting.


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