Friday, November 18, 2011

Kissing Poll

I was talking to a friend the other day who was telling me a funny story that started off like this:

"So I was making out with my husband when he said...."

And then she told me about a funny little exchange.

I immediately replied something along the lines of  "Yeah, yeah, funny... what do you mean you were making out?? Like JUST making out? Like hanging out on your couch after the kids were in bed, clothes on... kissing? Is that a thing, do us old marrieds DO that? We've never once done that! I think everyone would be very confused or start laughing if there was some make out session just for the sake of a make out session and then everyone parted ways and went back to Modern Family."

And it's not that I in any way don't like the idea, it sounds like a lovely way to keep the romance alive and like a very sweet part of a marriage. But I have to know - from you! - do people do this? Do people have little make out sessions that aren't connected to something more involved?

Now here's the thing. You're ONLY allowed to take the survey if you're in some way an "old married." You don't ACTUALLY have to be married, obviously, you just need to be in the spirit of a couple who has been through the trenches, had the shine wear off a tad, fought with the relatives, you get the idea.

If you still have lots of disposable income, go on dates all the time, have never had anyone had a misunderstanding about anyone else's in-laws, still wear the lace underwear while pretending the beige cottons don't exist, you don't get to play.

And feel free to reference a past "old married" relationship, I just really want to know - is this something people are doing??!!

** Poll results HERE**

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