Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Toddler Art Tip

Charlotte loves art of any kind - coloring, painting, drawing, etc. But toddler art is an inherently messy process, even if it just means picking up tons of crayons off the floor.

From the time she started drawing and painting we've always used the same method and it's worked amazingly well to mitigate the mess: Use a tray.

Years ago I bought B a sushi set for Christmas and it came with this black wooden tray. It works great to have the paper and crayons portable from room to room, contained within the tray, not sliding of the table, etc.

Maybe I find the benefits of this more helpful because of our small house - art needs to occur in small spaces near things that I don't want to be covered in paint. But regardless of house size, it works incredibly well. Go buy ye a tray.


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