Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Adventures in Advent Activities

It needs to be said that I am obsessively in love with my ridiculously large advent calendar. Insanely. I look at it's room-dominating awesomeness and all I can think of is how this will be part of Berry family legend. And every year it'll come out and the activities will get more complex until our youngest child is old enough not to care, and then I'll just put stuff in there for us. And it will be an integral part of our children's Christmas memories... "you didn't do advent stuff? Oh my god, my mom has this nine foot tall advent calendar that filled half the living room and every day there would be candy and some kind of activity, etc... it was actually kind of awesome..."

I literally never buy anything for myself unless it's absolutely 100% necessary - like not attending a wedding in my yoga pants. Finances and space have trained me to convince myself that I don't need anything. But this calendar and the memories it's creating and the tradition it's starting is the problem with never. Thankfully sometimes your mom steps in and buys you a killer birthday present.

We're actually doing pretty well with all things advent, although it's much more of a peaks and valleys kind of pathway and not a straight line. Luckily there were a few days of repeats that ended up being built-in ways to skip something, and this past weekend we did about 5 of the things on the list to play catch-up. I think there's only been one full activity that has (so far) been skipped altogether. Still plenty of time though!

Here are some of our activities:

 Making homemade hot chocolate

Hanging the mistletoe 

Decorating the tree

Making gingerbread houses
(Notice the candy organization in the background. Thanks, Pinterest)

But mostly just eating the candy...

 ... and still eating the candy...

 ... and still trying to decorate with chipmunk cheeks...

"Daddy have some candy too!"

  * This year's full list of activities can be found HERE



Shannon said...

Where's the finished gingerbread village complete with blue sky background, bright yellow sun, and paths to all the houses? This pictorial is incomplete.

Sarah Berry said...

Good point! We didn't give the houses the full village/backdrop treatment like they got this summer.

They did get put on the mantle with some pillow stuffing for snow, so they weren't totally abandoned!

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