Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Tree Shopping

Charlotte - Fish swimmin'?
B - Yup
Charlotte - Charlotte go swimmin' too?
B - No, honey, it's yucky in there, it's only for the fish
Charlotte - Yucky 'cause fish go poopy?
B - (laughing... trying to respond to the ever random musings of the toddler mind) Uh... yeah, they go poopy in there.
Charlotte - Go pee pee too?
B - Yup, they go pee in there too
Charlotte - Water yucky

Just hanging out with the tree.

Fake sleeping - one of her favorite games



die Frau said...

Love it, the conversation and the pictures, especially those pursed lips for a kiss!

Ouiser said...

charlotte is gorgeous and perfect. you look great. what i really want to talk about is bryan's camo hat.

Sarah Berry said...

Oh the camo hat... at last count it was one of three, but he may have weeded it down to just this one.

It's the one non-golfer, non-engineer, weirdly redneck thing about him. He loves it.

Giovanina said...

I'm literally dying at your comment, Ouiser - absolutely the first thing I thought of... immediately followed by "hmm... what sort of super smart ass thing could I say pertaining to wearing a camo hat while Christmas tree shopping." Love it. And yes, C is perfect.

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