Monday, January 9, 2012

Just like Florida, but closer

Since I'm too pregnant to fly anywhere warm this winter, we took a little weekend getaway to an indoor water park about an hour from here so we could at least experience some manufactured warmth. It was a huge hit with the whole clan and a lovely distraction from all of the health issues and accompanying chaos that's been going on at home.

Charlotte was a total water bug and loved every minute, and I learned that floating in a lazy river removes every single pregnancy symptom I've been dealing with. No heartbeat issues, no blood pressure issues, no cramping, no dizziness, etc. B said he'd swing by the farm store this week to get me a big tub to put in the living room so I could float for the next four weeks. He thinks he was kidding, but I would rock the shit out of that farm tub...

 Sundaes in the room

 Whispering secrets to the bear before sliding

 Strawberry smoothie

Lazy River.
Now if only I had a picture of her laying on her arms in the inner tube, B holding her up, floating along like an Egyptian princess. She got so used to her station in life that towards the end of our float she turned to me and said "Daddy go?" and I had to reply something along the lines of "Oh my god, you DIVA!! He's BEHIND YOU, and has been holding you up this entire time. Turn around!" Oh to be an adored two year old...

The swing was a HUGE hit. Apparently you don't have to actually be IN the water to enjoy the water park.


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