Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Checking In

I'm checking in out of pure guilt and blog obligation, but I should start by saying that I really have nothing interesting to report. You'd think that all of the hours on the couch would yield a multitude of blog posts, but clearly this hasn't been the case. Apparently when you do nothing with your days you have nothing to write about. Not a surprising conclusion.

The Berry clan is surviving bed rest surprisingly well so far. Mr. B does a LOT of chores, sometimes both before and after work, Charlotte has had a stream of various cousins and babysitters come visit her on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings to keep her busy, I no longer fit into anything but pj pants and leggings, and Baby Boy still doesn't have a name.

We're circling a few names out of a pure sense of responsibility that he should probably have one at SOME point, but in the end we'll probably just go with whatever feels right once he's here.

B starts his last semester of his 3 year MBA program this week. We started his first semester a few weeks after Charlotte was born, so it's appropriate that we'll start the last semester within a few weeks of Baby #2's birth. I can't believe we're really been doing this for so long, but everyone is ready for it to be over.

I say "we" because the one thing that grad school has taught me is that it's a team effort. I didn't realize that before, but they should hand out spouse degrees on that stage as well. Anyone who has been through this can attest to that fact.

So that's it, friends. Thank you for continuing to visit the blog even though I've been so remiss on the updating. I really do try to think of things to write about, it just rarely works.  Three weeks to the due date...


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