Thursday, February 9, 2012


Weeks on bed rest: 7+
Days over due date: 1

Saturday, Feb 4th - He didn't come today because he has a sense of humor and wants to torture his dad by arriving on Super Bowl Sunday. He's funny.

Sunday, Feb 5th - He didn't come today because he's considerate and didn't want to interrupt Super Bowl Sunday. He's polite.

Monday, Feb 6th - He didn't come today because he wants to be like his cousin and arrive exactly one day before his due date. He appreciates family connections.

Tuesday, Feb 7th - He didn't come today because tomorrow is his official due date and it would be very rare to arrive on your exact due date. He's an individual.

Wednesday, Feb 8th - He didn't come today because he wants to share his birthday with one of his grandmothers, like Charlotte does, and nothing would be cooler than that. He enjoys symmetry.



Shannon said...

And if he doesn't come today, he's grounded for the first 15 years of his life. Tack on an extra 5 per day he makes you wait. I'm not above threats - let's GO kiddo!

Quinton Quilter said...

He wants his birthday to be the 10th because he already thinks in 1s and 0s (computer geek) and wants to share his special day with my brother! Best to you Sarah Dear - come quickly and easily dear good to you mommy!

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