Friday, February 10, 2012

Easy Valentine's Craft

Charlotte and I made some Envelopes of Love to send to her grandparents and uncle for Valentine's Day. The original plan involved scratch off paint and a message and some string to make a banner, but once I got us as far as the cute painted hearts the reality of pregnancy bed rest kicked in and we simplified the plan. It's an extremely valuable skill in the world of DIY to stop when it's still been fun.

I made a heart template, cut 16 hearts out of cardstock, taped them to her art tray, mixed some paint up, and let her paint away. It went very smoothly and I love the way the orange and dark pink color scheme turned out.

After that I made the inserts by writing "Happy Valentine's Day / Here's an envelope of love / Love, Charlotte" with some hearts. I added glitter glue to the hearts, glued the printouts to some red cardstock I had and threw everything into envelopes. Super simple.


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Giants fan said...

loves hers

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