Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter card

Every holiday I try to send a little something to Charlotte's grandparents and far away relatives. It's a good way to channel both of our creative energy and to bridge the distance a little.

I found an idea for egg cut-out cards that I modified by using some of her paintings. That girl loves her some paint, so all of our holiday ideas basically just involve crafty things to do with her paintings. A lot of times her attention span doesn't exactly show up, or she decides that painting on her arms is much more interesting than the paper, but with the Young Artist's Toolbox that she got for Christmas, we can stretch out the activity quite a bit. (I highly recommend the toolbox if you have any little painters in your life. There are so many tools in there to keep them busy)

To make the cards I just used blank cards that we already had, cut out an egg shape from the front (using a template from the internet), and used double-sided tape to stick a square of her painting to the inside. Don't forget to put the date somewhere on the card

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