Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Thoughts on 2

Hey, look! I have a blog! Who knew.

Oh, you guys, I've missed you! And if you had the pleasure of reading all of the fascinating, creative, thoughtful posts that I've been regularly writing to you in my head, you would be all UP in my business because they've been AWESOME. Seriously, your mind would be BLOWN by my thoughts.

Alas, they're all still locked in my head. Actually, no, they're not. They all fall out each night around 1am when I'm up for nighttime feedings. So really we're both being left out of all the would-be awesomeness.

So let me just puke out to you, incoherently and inelegantly, what's been going on.

Starters - two kids is awesome. Way better than one, I think. On that first one everything is new and unknown and they just keep getting older and doing new, unknown things and every time you learn something your knowledge is useless because then they're on to something else new and weird and confusing. But the SECOND allows you to get all kung-fu parent on their ass.

Oh, you wanna puke up blood on me at four days old?? BRING IT, little man! Your sister ALSO did that at four days old and we thought she was CLEARLY bleeding out from some kind of stomach hemorrhage and was about to die at any moment from all the blood spewing. You didn't even get a raised pulse out of me with that one because I am WISE now. I know it's booby bleeding from that miracle known as breast feeding, and we only go to the doctor (calmly! and without worry!) after it continues for a few days. HIGH YAH! SUCK IT, NEW PARENTHOOD!

Also, long before I even got pregnant, I took God out for a cappuccino and we came to an understanding about the second one. I nicely explained that he used up the entire jar of Bat Shit Crazy with the first one and now he needed to use up the entire jar of Zen Baby with this one. So while we're only 7 weeks in, I think we saw eye-to-eye on our conversation. I fully envision a future of my very calm and understanding son being paraded around the house with painted nails and in some kind of dance costume that his sassy older sister put him in.

So anyway, two feels totally natural and settled an awesome and complete. And I can't overstate enough how lovely of a math equation it is to have the precious adorableness of a newborn, minus all the newness, because all that's left is the overwhelming amounts of happy.

The last relevant update is that, much like those 8 glorious weeks of bed rest, we've entered into full survival mode around here. Between B's graduate thesis and his final class, every day after work, and every Saturday and Sunday he needs to spend at the library. So except for Sunday mornings until noon, when the library opens, it's just me and the monkeys.

Luckily it's bright and springy outside, the double stroller has been ordered, and Charlotte is currently in a "good phase." Side note - I've learned that much in the way that a toddler's emotions swing from second to second, they also seem to have inexplicable phases of being happier or crankier. Luckily for both of our sanity, we're in a good phase.

In the meantime, I'll try to actually visit the blog and blow your mind with all of the aforementioned mind ramblings of awesomeness.

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