Monday, June 4, 2012

Father's Day

This weekend was late Mother's Day (Saturday) and early Father's Day (Sunday). We had company on Mother's Day and Everett's Naming Ceremony will be on Father's Day so we needed a double re-do on our holidays. Having grown up with a nurse (required to work every other Christmas) and having family on the west coast for a decade now, moving holidays around to fit our schedule is second nature around here.

Last Father's Day I was horizontal on the couch trying not to puke on the rug (thanks, Everett), and therefore B's Father's Day consisted of a very heartfelt high-five. Here was our re-do:

Ree's Eggs Benedict, with a little smoked salmon thrown in for B.

Father & son

Afternoon golf


1 comment:

Wonderland2 said...

I love those pictures in the frame! Great gift!

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