Sunday, June 17, 2012

Shape Monsters

I've mentioned before that Skype is a big part of our life around here. It's incredible what a difference it makes in keeping Charlotte connected to her far away family. She can't talk on the phone in any meaningful way, but she can sit in a chair and try to hand her grandfather candy, crayons, hand sanitizer, etc.

The attention span of a two-year-old is limited, so the amount of time she's actually in the chair is limited. There's a lot of dancing in the background that occurs. However, she's a huge fan of bossing people around, so I suggested that she have Grandpa draw some pictures for her (I have many memories of little sketches on napkins throughout my childhood by my artistic father). Here were some of the things she suggested.


Square Monster

 Triangle Monster
(my personal fav)

Circle Monster
(In retrospect, Circle Monster just looks like a really scary pig boy)

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Ouiser said...

This is too sweet!

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