Thursday, June 7, 2007

Naive Gardening

A little update on my recent adventures with gardening...

Today's conversation with a co-worker:
Me - So in addition to the herbs and tomato plants we put in, we also had 2 onions, a shallot, and a chive. But here's my question... if the onions and shallots are all growing under the soil, how do I know when to pull them up?
Him - Just pull them up at the very end of the season
Me - Really? Just wait til the end of the season and I'll have a bunch of onions and shallots?
Him - Well how many onions did you plant?
Me - Two. Why?
Him - Well then you're going to have two onions at the end of the summer.
Me - WHAT?! TWO onions?? TWO onions??
Him - Yeah. They're not like potatoes. One onion

So there you have it. All of that tending and special care for two onions. I plan to take my two onions, three tomatos and some of the chives and hold a very exclusive salsa party at the end of the summer. After all, someone other than me and B. should be allowed to relish in the months of work that will go into raising that onion.
Blog P.S.
- Honey, come read my latest post.
B. - .....(reading)....
B. - WHAT?!! We're only gonna get two onions?! Are you serious?
Me - Yeah! Tell me about it!


Ouiser said...

that is so hysterical. i am cracking up...and my daughter is staring at me like i've lost it. she's probably right.

die Frau said...

That sounds exactly like something I would do. This is why I only grow herbs like basil that come up like weeds we get so much!

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