Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I realized today after work that we are exactly one month away from the wedding. As we begin to plan the ceremony we thought it would be nice if we have a song playing as we light the unity candle - we saw this at the wedding this past weekend and it was really touching.

I emailed my cousin, bridesmaid, and full time musician, G, and asked if she would be willing to learn a song and if 30 days was enough time to do it. She wrote me back and said that she had been thinking about it already and wanted to offer to write us a song. She wants to interview B and I separately and use our responses as inspiration for the lyrics and the song.

I was so overwhelmed by how beautiful and special that will be, and it made me realize that this entire year has been exactly like that. From the beginning, we've just wanted a simple and wonderful event and all kinds of things have transpired from our friends and family that are making this day beyond our widest expectations. Truly, had we attempted to plan it this way, it never would have worked.

But I think that's the key - we didn't try to plan it this way. We just allowed things to unfold in a natural way and they did. "We are loved" as B said this afternoon. Last summer my dad and his wife offered to give us all of their homemade wine to use as wedding favors and then went though hell and high water to figure out how to legally ship them across the country, we found an amazing pastor to marry us through B's parents, my cousin figured out how to turn 100 wine corks into place card holders, my grandmother found and gave me the handkerchief that her grandmother made her for her own wedding, B's sister has designed everything you can possibly design, my cousin offered to both write and sing a song... the list goes on.

I have to tell you, I am a solitary person by nature and am not used to this group effort, it completely amazes me. And it amazes me even more that most of these people don't even know each other, but all of their ideas and love and generosity have been directed at us. It's going to make June 21st an entirely different and better day than we could have created alone.

My brother arrives from Oregon tomorrow! His friend is getting married near here, so he's in for the wedding. He'll be gone Friday and Saturday for wedding stuff, but we get all day tomorrow together, so that's very exciting. I miss my little guy! ("Little" in that way where he's five years younger, and about 6'1")

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