Sunday, May 18, 2008

Loving the random wedding

B and I just spent three days down in PA for the wedding of B's best man's brother and it was awesome! I had never even met the bride or groom, but B was playing in the wedding, so we were invited to all the wedding events. I do know the parents, as does B, so it wasn't completely random. After this weekend I've decided that I love a random wedding!!

It was like having all of the great parts of a wedding weekend without any of the stressful parts. I didn't have to get a new dress or feel like I needed to look my absolute best, didn't have to have lots of small talk conversations with people I kind of know but haven't seen in a while, etc. We were total outsiders and it was great! We were like really friendly observers, rather than participants. As proof, I don't have one picture from the whole weekend. Of course, this is also because we still haven't replaced the camera, but you get the idea.

It was also wonderful because that family is so lovely and warm and welcoming - the type of people that you feel uplifted just by being around. Additionally, we got to see B's best man give his brother's toast, and it was the best toast I've ever heard. So now we're excited to see what he'll have to say about B!

Now it's the Sunday Letdown though - those moments where you remember that you have a life outside of fabulous weekends. Somehow great weekends away can make you completely forget you have a job, a house, responsibilities, to do lists, etc. I guess that's the whole point, but it's still an unfortunate realization.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the "What's Your Word?" poll, I loved reading the answers!! I feel like with one paragraph I have a deeper understanding of the people in my life, some of whom I've known for several years. It's really incredible.

Also, I did finally suck it up and order a new camera on Friday. After a loooong hiatus from pictures, I'll finally be able to add them to the blog again!

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die Frau said...

Glad you had fun! We did that once where the only person I knew was the bride, the other girl I was supposed to sit with (and knew) bailed, and Ted had some crummy sore throat. We went back to the hotel before the reception even started, bought ice cream, and watched stand-up on TV. After that the rule became "No travel over an hour unless one of us knows at least three people." The wedding was in MA.

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