Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Nothing that interesting

So the invitations are officially in the mail!! Even the last three of B's friends who I thought we would never get addresses for. I had visions of email invites three days before the wedding. But thanks to a mutual friend (who's a girl), we were successful - guys never have each other's addresses.

You should have seen me at the post office this morning. I weighed the invites at work and they were exactly 1oz, which is the absolute maximum it can be without buying extra postage, but I needed to confirm that our scale was accurate. I was also worried since envelopes aren't allowed to be uneven and there's a bow at one end of our invitations - that would have added postage as well. I was standing there staring at the machine chanting "No whammies, no whammies, no whammies...." YES! And the guy said the bow was just small enough to be ok.

So all was well and you'll be getting your in invites in the next few days. I hope you like them half as much as I do - I'm still obsessed with how great they are.

I have to work all day Saturday but B and I decided that we're having Wedding Sunday because there is a lot to figure out. Specifically, lots of music choices to figure out. And speaking of which, be sure to keep giving your opinions on music on the website!!


die Frau said...

I do want to warn you now, be ready to have phone numbers at hand when people haven't responded two weeks before your wedding happens. Even a week. Just start calling. Most people were terrific with ours, but we had a few, and even one no-show. And yes, if it's a couple, call the girl. :-)

That's such a great check-off on your list...and when the responses start to come back, it's such a thrill. Just remember as well to have that one day a week that you don't discuss it at all.

As for music, I go with oldies and funk every time. Remember last year we started with "Ain't Too Proud to Beg" and the crowd loved it? I do love my eighties, too, but everyone loves Motown, IMO!

Strongmama said...

The no shows really stink. We even had somebody reply no and then called and changed their mind two days before the wedding when all the seating plans were finished. It was a big pain finding a spot for her and her husband, but at that point, I was not willing to try to sit them near their friends and do the whole thing over again! It worked out fine, but I remember thinking, make up your mind, people!

feather nester said...

Yay! I agree, it's so fun when the replies start rolling in. Let me know if you need me to make a few phone calls when the time comes. Can't wait to see them! I know you worked so hard and they'll be GORGEOUS!! (By the way, thanks for your email re: my post).

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