Thursday, July 3, 2008

We're Back, We're Back, We're Back!!

Yes, we're back! Instead of writing one really long post about everything, I think I'm going to write about the different parts of the trip in pieces. But not today since we're still settling in. Tomorrow we're headed to Albany to spend some quality time with the family and pick up the kitties. In the meantime here are some pics to keep you entertained. If you want the whole album and I didn't send it to you, shoot me an email.


ithaca_chick said...

Yay! the Berries are back!! Can't wait to see you and hear all about the trip!

Marissa said...

OMG! So many hot bathing suits! Welcome home Berry's (though like Sarah Strong I'll always know you as Craig and Anderson). Big smooches. Can't wait to hear all the good behind the scene stories. Don't forget to call me when you open your present!


die Frau said...

Looks like great fun! I love snorkeling. Glad you're back.

How's reality treating you??? And check my blog for pics!


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